Sunday, January 6, 2013

Patagonia Catering Gaucho Style Barbecue

Gaucho Style Barbecue "Parrillada Argentina"

Argentina is famous for its meats and grilling techniques. This Argentine Gaucho custom comes from a 500 years of tradition from the Pampa Argentina that continues today throughout the country. The techniques have been imitated all over the world, but not often perfected. It represents an artisan task, laborious and difficult.

What makes this type of barbecue different is:
Photo by Gonzalo Gomez

  • Slow cooking: the grills must have a lever system that allows the correct heat from wood or charcoal and fire never touches the meat.
  • Absence of additives: Argentinians cherish the natural flavor of the food; meat and vegetables are only seasoned with a little rock salt. Spicy Chimichurri sauce in very small portions accompanies the meat, but never over powers it.
  • Special cuts: The particularity of Argentine meat is that the cattle are fed with natural pastures without hormones or antibiotics; thus the meat is lean (no fat or skin). There are some places here in San Diego that will now be preparing the perfect cut for us. 
  • The show:  Argentinians usually have their big asados on Sundays, when the family and friends gather outside or inside while the parrillero patiently prepares the meat, the fire and then, when the right heat is ready, the parrillero will carefully take care of the temperature of the charcoal or wood so it doesn't make fire and burn the meat or whatever is on the parrilla (grill).  

Vegetarian or Vegan anyone?

A great option for vegetarians is to have "pizza a la parrilla" or a variety of grilled vegetables and grilled tofu skewers. Same show - different options.

Minimum guests for our Argentine Barbecue is 30 and there is no maximum! Patagonia Catering will organize the entire event for you including party rentals, personnel, and all there is to have the best party and the most unforgettable for you and your guests.

Contact Patagonia Catering to check availability for your event. Some outdoor places require permits in San Diego County. 

Laura & Carola Gomez

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